350.000 IDR

• Cocok untuk membantu menurunkan kadar
lemak didalam tubuh.
• Menurunkan berat badan.
• Menaikan focus dan stamina saat latihan.
• Mengontrol nafsu makan dan memperbaiki
metabolisme tubuh.

Minum 2-3 kapsul 15 menit sebelum sarapan
(setiap hari) dengan 1 gelas air putih.

German Forge® Fatburner Professional – optimal support for an effective metabolism!

A toned and healthy body is an absolute dream, not only for strength, endurance or recreational athletes, but for many people as well. To a slender and athletic body image belongs a high proportion of muscle mass and a low percentage of body fat. The following applies: as long as a calorie surplus is present, weight loss is not possible. To effectively reduce body fat, we must reduce the calorie intake and do sports regularly. If the fat content cannot be sustainably reduced with the mentioned measures, it is advisable to use so-called fat burners as support.

L-Carnitine: the secret of bodybuilders for a normal fat metabolism

It is especially useful to take fatburners such as Fatburner Professional capsules from German Forge®, before a workout in order to achieve an optimal and sustainable result. With a powerful mix of natural ingredients such as citrus aurantium extract, ginger powder, caffeine, guarana and willow bark extract, the new German Forge® Fatburner Professional capsules are an optimal support for effective fat burning in the diet or definition phase, not only of women, but also of men and non-athletes. For optimum success, the lactose and gluten-free Fatburner Professional capsules contain L-Carnitine (12,285 mg per 100 g) and Choline (3,378 mg per 100 g), two secret tips from the bodybuilding scene, contributing to a normal fat metabolism.

The practical capsules from the new Fatburner Professional from German Forge® are very handy and can be easily transported, for example, with the pillbox from IronMaxx®, making them the perfect companion not only during training but also on the go.