350.000 IDR

• Membantu menaikan level testoteron alami dalam tubuh
• Menambah masa otot dan membakar lemak efek dari tingginya testoteron alami

Minum 2-3 kapsul 15 menit sebelum sarapan
(setiap hari) dengan 1 gelas air putih.

German Forge® T-Booster Professional – the optimal support for your testosterone level

The male sex hormone testosterone is responsible for many elementary tasks in the human organism. Outside the most important function of gender differentiation, testosterone is one of the most essential hormones in the formation and the development of muscle mass.

From the age of 25 on, the production of the male sexual hormone decreases slowly but continuously by about 1.2 percentage points each year, making a long-term deficiency possible. Through special active ingredients this decrease can be countered. Also the regular practice of competitive sports with heavy weights can increase the production of testosterone in the blood of men and women by up to 25%.

Tribulus Terrestris concentrate – the natural muscle booster

The new T-Booster Professional from German Forge® contains an active ingredient mix that can support ambitious athletes, bodybuilders and recreational athletes during the muscle building phase. This mix contains for example Zinc (about 8.3 mg per capsule), a trace element that contributes to maintaining a normal testosterone level in the blood stream and helps regulate protein synthesis. T-Booster Professional capsules also contain up to 180 mg Tribulus Terrestris extrakt per capsule. The properties and effects of this tropical plant extract are no longer a secret reserved to bodybuilders. Even recreational athletes rely on the effect of Tribulus Terrestris extract, which is known in bodybuilding circles as “natural anabolic”.

The added vitamin B6 and magnesium in the formula helps the new T-Booster Professional from German Forge® in reducing tiredness and premature fatigue during exercise.